March 24th 2019

Up Down & All Around:
a tantra workshop for gay, bi and queer men

This workshop is for you if:

– You are curious about tantra and how it can help you feel more grounded, more connected, more powerful, more integrated and more joyful

– You are looking to expand your awareness of what delights your body, mind and spirit

– You enjoy connecting with other bliss seekers, sharing adventures of intimacy, expansion, courage, affection

Join experienced Tantra teachers Andy and João as they deliver a rich and varied program of yoga*, breathwork, movement, meditation and massage to help you connect with deeper pleasure and delight in your body.

Your lifeforce energy flows from a shimmering, vibrant reservoir within you and you will learn how to activate, expand and move this energy through your body: up, down and all around.

Your body is wired for pleasure. It is a whole world just waiting to be explored, celebrated, enjoyed and lived in fully.

You will work individually, with pairs and in small groups to explore cleansing, balancing, raising, spreading and earthing your energy. Reveal more of the vitality and power that lies within you.

*You do not need to have done yoga before but you should be in good health and able to sit and kneel in comfort.

Please note that as a group, we commit to holding a safe, boundaried and respectful space. We are working with sexual energy but we do not engage in sexual acts in the session.

First 5 tickets £85
and then £100 thereafter

from 10.30am to 5pm on Sunday 24 March, 2019
in Covent Garden, Central London

Apply for a place by contacting Andy on 07968 846610 or João on 07449 552101

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