Naked Yoga Frequently Asked Questions“Tantric Bodies” – a Tantra for the Tinder Generation Workshop

7pm – 9pm – Thursday 1st February 2018 

“Tantric Bodies” -Tools for the Tinder Generation is a workshop designed for guys in their 20’s and 30’s into their 40’s.

In this relaxed 2 hour Tantric workshop we will explore our experience of the innate Wisdom of our bodies, referred to in Tantra as the sheath of discernment or vijnanamaya kosha. We’ll explore some of the sensations and experiences that can be found there, focusing in particular on the wisdom of our hearts to become more intimate with our own awareness and our awareness of each other. We will make space to experience what our hearts and bodies are telling us,  particularly in relationship to sensuality, our sexual energy and our connections to each other.

Working with a small group of men, Andrew will guide you through a practice including intimate partner yoga and touch, accessing sexual energy and sensuality from a space of compassion and respect.

In the workshop we’ll explore:
Our experience of the wisdom of our bodies
Our experience of sensuality and our sexual energy and the wisdom we can find there
Our experience of intimacy and how we can be guided by the vijnanamaya kosha
How we might connect more deeply with the wisdom of our hearts to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other

So come join us and let the wisdom of your body guide you into greater intimacy and sensual pleasure with this friendly and relaxed exploration!

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