Why Do Yoga Naked?

There is a powerful sense of liberty in being nude, a sense of freedom which reaches to the heart of our yoga practice.

Yoga has always been practiced without the restriction of clothes,  the ancient Greeks recorded naked yogis when they arrived in India over two thousand years ago and Marco Polo encountered them in his adventures a millennium later. The tradition of Digambara “Skyclad” yoga is alive and well in India today particularly among the Sadhus or holy men, including many Tantrics.

The focus of each Yoganu class is yoga; getting in touch with your own body, connecting with the breath, working on physical strength and flexibility, calming the mind. Being naked adds a sensual charge to the atmosphere of the sessions.  At Yoganu we acknowledge our sexuality as a driving force in both our lives and the development of our spirituality. Primal sexual/sensual energy is used as an integral part of each class.

Accept your sexuality, your sexual drive, harness it and use it to enhance your life.

What happens if I get an erection?

Getting an erection in class is totally natural and welcome. An erection is a sign of pleasure and relaxation, just like a smile!

In Tantra the penis is called the Lingam or “Wand of Light” and it is acknowledged and honoured as a powerful source of life, joy and pleasure.

So if you find yourself having an erection feel free to just relax and enjoy the experience any of the beautiful sensations which arise in your body. The class will help you to channel all your energy, and this can have amazing results.

Do I need a partner for the partner yoga?

No, in the class we usually pair up with different students throughout to explore the many different connections we can experience. Some students are single and some have partners at home, and we honour and respect all these relationships.

Tantra traditionally emphasises the importance of 1-1 connections in all their forms and teaches us to focus our energy first in order to raise it.

Partner yoga is where we learn to intensify this focus and begin to raise this energy, learning techniques and lessons we can then bring into your intimate 1-1 relationship with your boyfriend or husband, or if you are single to explore with lovers.

What’s the connection between spirituality and sexuality?

Sexuality is a key driving force in our lives and in Tantra this has always been honoured and understood. Yoganu acknowledges our sexuality as powerful, something to be celebrated, something that can help, not hinder our spiritual development.

Modern society generally separates sexuality from spirituality, but this is an artificial separation; they are two parts of the same whole. Tantra teaches us how to reintegrate the two, using our sexuality to have a fuller and deeper experience of ourselves.

There is no right or wrong here, there is just your own personal experience, and therefore only you can decide.  Yoganu offers a wonderful opportunity for exploring how this integration could work for you personally.

Is this just another excuse for you and other gay men to get it off together?

There is no shortage of places for gay men to have sex, this environment offers something different.  It is a place where men can safely and securely explore their own personal relationship with their bodies, their minds and look at their sexuality as part of their overall make up.  It offers an opportunity for gay men to explore relating to each other in a new and radically different way.

Who is YogaNu geared towards?

Yoganu is here for sincere men looking to explore the connection between sexuality and spirituality with open hearts and open minds.

Students with different levels of experience are welcome from active beginners to more advanced students. If you’re a beginner or unsure then just contact one of the team and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

If you are looking to take up yoga following injury or illness, or to help with some other physical challenges, please note that it is not the primary focus of our class. We would invite you to contact us directly about any physical conditions specifically so that we can advise if the class will beneficial for you or if 1-1 or Yoga therapy sessions would be more appropriate (Which can be provided by Andy or Richard).

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water.

What if I have never practiced yoga before?

We welcome active beginners just fill out the registration questionnaire and send a photo in and we will recommend the path which is right for you.

What is the average age of the men who attend classes?

Most of the guys who come to class  are in their 20s – 40s so the practice is naturally focused on the range of abilities within this group and may not be suitable for everyone

We would encourage everyone to take up yoga in the form which is right for them, when you register we will advise on the appropriate learning route for you based on your ability for your age and fitness level. This could include 1-1 sessions, Yoga therapy or other tailored practices.

How many men will I expect to find in each class?

Class numbers vary from week to week depending on the time of year, weather, holidays and other unknown factors! But on average each class will have around  10 – 16 men attending.