Naked Yoga Frequently Asked Questions“Slow and Sensual, Summer Special” a Tools for the Tinder Generation Workshop

7pm – 9pm – Thursday 9th August 2018

“Slow and Sensual, Summer Special” Tools for the Tinder Generation is a workshop designed for guys in their 20’s and 30’s into their 40’s.

In this summer special relaxed 2 hour Tantric workshop we will explore how by slowing things down we can really dive deep into what we are experiencing. Tantra teaches us how through slowing down and focusing our awareness we can magnify and intensify sensations of all kinds. This workshop is an opportunity to learn how to deepen you’re awareness and release to powerful sensual experiences.  We will make space to explore different dimensions of our connections to other men and our relationship to sensuality, our sexual energy and our authentic connections to each other.

Working with a small group of men, Andrew will guide you through a practice including intimate partner Yoga and touch, accessing sexual energy and sensuality from a space of compassion and respect. If you have a partner and wish to attend, you are encouraged to bring your partner along too if possible.

In the workshop we’ll explore:
How to calm the chattering of the mind so we can be more aware of our experience.
How we may begin to connect more fully to our sensual experience and  sexual energy in a positive and nurturing way.
How through slowing things down we can access more powerful experiences.
How by being more fully present we can connect more deeply with the true self and connect more deeply with each other.

So come join us and let your true self lead you into greater intimacy, compassion, connection and sensual pleasure with this friendly and relaxed exploration . . .

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