Polarities: An Urban Retreat

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are pure awareness and the boundless energy of love and compassion that just wants to express itself within that awareness. Tantra enables us to be that awareness, seeing another as that divine love and compassion. Our bodies are sacred and accepted totally, and we embody this through this special weekend of yoga, meditation, breath work, chi kung and massage. 

Tantra teachers Andy Butterfield and João will help you explore the polarities of stillness and movement, softness and strength, pleasure and pain, moving you beyond the thinking mind and its limiting patterns and habits and into the space of the heart and its higher consciousness. 

Yoga, sound and movement will release tension and create space in the body and enable us to connect to our innate intelligence, wisdom and compassion. We will calm the chattering mind and come into a more grounded but expanded heart-led awareness.

From here, we will work individually, in pairs and groups, to gently explore sensual and erotic touch. You will learn techniques and practices that will bring you into a deeper, more integrated experience of your sexual, lifeforce and spiritual energies, allowing you to bathe in a deeper sense of wellbeing. 

Join us on this voyage into awareness, intimacy, sexuality, connection and bliss and uncover a profound joy that’s alive within. 

Please note that as a group, we commit to holding a safe, boundaried and respectful space. We are working with sexual energy but we do not engage in sexual acts in the session.

All sincere seekers are welcome to this naked workshop but you should be able to sit and kneel in comfort.

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th Nov, 10am to 5pm


Come with a friend and pay £350 for both of you.
Single day tickets for Saturday and Sunday £100

Neals Yard Meeting Rooms
Covent Garden 

Apply via Andy on 07968 846610 or João on 07449 552101 for more information 

Naked Yoga Frequently Asked Questions