Who’s Who?

Richard (BWY diploma) was born and grew up in Birmingham UK, and has been teaching with Yoganu since 2007. He is recognised by Yoga Alliance as a Senior Yoga Teacher.

He completed his British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in 2008, and has since completed a 2-year diploma in Yoga Therapy, studied intensively the soft architecture of the body, known as fascia and has completed a 3 year course in Shamanic Practices. He continues his study of the mind, body and spirit through yoga, intuitive movement and shamanic journeying.
“My first encounter with naked yoga was in summer 2005 at a HNY workshop in London. I later went on, to join Aaron Star at the Costa Rica retreat, which opened up the start of a very exciting journey. I signed up for teacher training with Aaron and have assisted and taught with HNY on retreats and workshops worldwide. My experiences with these practices enabled me to discover an inner happiness and peace I had not known before. This is why I decided to share with others the gift of yoga and began teaching at yoganu.”

Richard’s classes are fun and creative, and cater for all individuals needs, regardless of experience or ability. He is brilliant at explaining some of the most complex philosophies in a simple and understandable way. His playful curiosity towards yoga and his personal fascination with the workings of the human body (anatomy) and consciousness (quantum science) go hand in hand with the ancient teachings and philosophies of Tantra.
Follow Richard’s yogic journey: www.yogamanifest.com. His email is richard@yoganu.co.uk.



Andy has taught mindfulness for 8 years and practiced yoga asana for 14. It was on his mat in a class a few years ago, that he realised what yoga had come to mean to him and that he had to share its treasures with others.

“Some of my most peaceful, blissed out, loving and empowered moments have arisen on the mat. For me it is the path towards true and total freedom, the path home, the path on which I learn, serve and love.”

He has journeyed through various styles including vinyasa, anusara, dru, vini, kundalini and kriya yog and folds their elements into his practice and teaching along with his experience in shiatsu and meditation.

He is passionate about helping his students to connect deeply into their lifeforce, honour and celebrate their bodies and dwell in peace in their minds and hearts.

Andy teaches private sessions, group classes and offers shiatsu, tantra and energy healing. He is based in Hove and London. To enquire about booking a session, contact him here: andy@yoganu.co.uk.



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